Travel Log – Day four (part three) – Poo and art.

While we’re talking about poo I think it’s important that you know that I haven’t done one for two days (I’m only drinking veg/fruit juices and very watery broth and tonnes of water so aside from psillium husks I’ve genuinely NOTHING to poop). However Nay is pooing about 400 times a day and yet is drinking all the same things! It’s a mystery. Admittedly there’s not much formation to it, according to her reports back to me. Tiny sloppy ploplets was the general description. I am wondering where my psillium husks are going. The staff here just think this is all a good reason for me to have an enema – they think I’m blocked somewhere. But I feel absolutely fine in that department, just like I’ve not eaten enough food to warrant a poop yet. Maybe after a week of psillium husks it will have bonded together enough to form one tiny cat poo, but at the moment I just don’t feel like there is anything in my stomach or bowel at all except tonnes of water. My pee has been clear for the last 44 hours so I’m certainly not dehydrated. Aside from occasional dizziness I now feel completely fine and healthy. My skin is already glowing a little. And despite feeling tired I’m managing to swim, do yoga, go for walks, and so forth.

Anyway, I just finished my day with the lovely Ina who was running a ‘journaling and art workshop’. I was expecting some kind of lecture about the benefit of writing a gratitude journal or expressing yourself in art perhaps so was somewhat surprised to come into the studio to find a bunch of mats, pillows and crayons on the floor. It looked like a set up for a bunch of kids and at first, I’ll admit, I raised an eyebrow at the crayons.


But like everything here, I put aside my first judgement and am trusting them – I went with the flow. I’m SO glad I did as the emotional journey Ina took us through was so incredible. Being quite deeply personal stuff I can’t really fully disclose the magic of what went on there without divulging private stories that belong to other people, but it began with a guided meditation with some questions at the end for us to fill in the blanks of the visualisation offered. We then spent a while drawing (I was relieved to find coloured pencils and pens, not just crayons) what came to us in our visions and explained to each other what it meant and got feedback. I think at first we all doubted we’d come up with anything worthy of showing anyone or that meant anything. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We four women, complete strangers to each other (as Nay copped out), shared what I felt was some genuinely profound and insightful ‘stuff’. At points I nearly cried – not in any bad way but because of emotional connections made, stuff that came up that felt clear and enlightening and very real. You’re probably thinking that I might as well be saying ‘Namaste’ again, and maybe you’re right, but all I can tell you was how nurturing and positive and fabulous it was to sit with four wise women from totally different walks of life and share our feelings, thoughts, vulnerabilities, hopes and wisdom in a completely non-judgemental, non-pretentious kind of way. Crayon therapy, set to the music of Debussey in the background, with the sun setting behind us through the vast window that framed the gorgeous Gozo landscape. Seriously…if I’d known being a hippy was going to be so much fun I’d have braided flowers in my pubes and started dancing naked under the full moon years ago.



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