Travel log -Journey to Gozo – final leg – The drive to Amchara.

Technically it’s day two and after traveling for nearly 13 hours I have finally made it to Amchara in Gozo.

Was so grateful to be met by my sis at the airport as the Maltese roads are a little like the Monte Carlo rally ones and I would have unraveled in a taxi. Nay drove Miss Daisy style for me and we made it to the 1:20 ferry in good time.


They drive on the left out here like us. Although I think the lane markings are purely ornamental from what I saw of the Maltese drivers.

The ferry ride was refreshing and although it was pitch black at sea I could see the little lights of Gozo straight away getting nearer and nearer. On Gozo, there was no traffic but us, yet the roads were good and the architecture beautiful- quite French or Catalonian in style.

I’m in bed now. Thoroughly exhausted but so happy to be safely here. I can hear crickets chirping from my window just like the app I use at home to help me get off to sleep so I’m gonna have no problem conking out tonight. Over and out from day one. X


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