Laundry time – past, present and future.

So…I’m trying to be good and tidy my room, putting away the laundry, making the bed, that kind of thing. I’m hanging up the clean clothes and most of them are inside out, and I think…bah! I’ll hang em up like that, it doesn’t matter. And then the good voice inside my head answered back, ‘No, turn them the right way round now, as a gift to your future self. Think how you’ll appreciate it in the future when you come to get your clothes and they’re all hung properly and the right way round.’

So, I start well and I think, ‘Yes, I could start a whole trend, write a best selling book even, on doing things and being motivated not because you HAVE to do something or should, but as a gift to your future self, who you treat as a best friend.’ And I’m pondering this wonderful new motivating philosophy I’ve come up with when I get about half way through the pile of clothes I need to turn the right way round and hang and I start to get bored and fed up. And the other voice in my head chirps up, ‘Why should *I* have to do everything for future self?! That lazy bitch should pull her weight! Why should I be the one to have to turn and hang all the clothes, now? I’ve done MY half. That selfish cow in the future who expects everything done for her in advance can bloody well do some housework too! And as for my PAST self…she’s even worse! She could have turned the clothes the right way round when she put them in the washing machine, or even when they came out and she was hanging them on the line, or even when they were dry and she was taking them off the line to bring upstairs. But nooooooooo…PAST self missed THREE opportunities to do what I’m having to do now, and FUTURE self is just an oblivious selfish bitch waiting for it all to happen for her.

And while I was busy having this internal argument and grumpily resenting both my past an future incarnations of me, as it turns out…I was so distracted by my thoughts I didn’t realise I’d gone and finished putting away the clothes the right way round anyway, and the argument was kind of pointless.


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